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Original Comment:

2013 Center of the Universe Fly-In at Hogjowl Airfield

 We hope all ya'll (that's plural for ya'll) will be able to attend the Fly-In at Hogjowl Airfield (GE11) in Cloudland, GA  October 25-27.  Arrivals on Thursday are fine and dinner will be at the Canyon Grill for early arrivals.  As usual, good food, live music and lots of flyin!  Come on down!  See the Poster in Events Section - 2013 (click on "Hogjowl").

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Hogjowl Central

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Pig Parlor One Arrival

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Hogjowl Fly-By

Jay McClure
Oct 10, 2013

5 Responses:

I've been going since they event started. Jay and Aubie (family & friends) had made great place to go visit, so I would encourage. Plenty of something or nothing to do as you wish.

The unfortunate part, I'm doubtful that will make it this year, but one never knows the possibilities. It's always great to see everyone on what's generally last gathering till next season.

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How it all began


Marvin Huckins
Oct 18, 2013

I won't be there but I hope everyone has a great time.

Leslie Pearman
Oct 14, 2013

We love Twin Beeches and should have a beautiful Lockheed 12 to pair up with it. We hope you will join us with or without an airplane. Leaves should be at peak color. Can't wait to see you.

Jay McClure
Oct 11, 2013

This looks like a lot of fun! My plane is still a few years from being airworthy again but count me in as soon as it is. I hope you all have a really good time.

James Powell
Oct 11, 2013

Are Beech 18's welcome? I sold my 195 a while back to a nice guy in Delaware.
Thanks CJ Price

CJ Price
Oct 11, 2013

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