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Original Comment:

Throwover yoke

Does anyone have a passenger side yoke for the 195?  I am starting my instrument training and to do the check ride in my plane, which currently has just the throwover yoke, they are telling me that I have to have the additional yoke for the right seat for the DPE according to the regs.  If someone has one they don't want to sell, but would loan to me for this process, I could get it back to you when done.

Steve Allen
Jan 6, 2010

4 Responses:

There is currently one listed on ebay

Hank Wimbrow
Jan 20, 2010

 Daren,  the yoke is removable, with simple tools, but it exposes an ugly opening that needs a leather/vinyl cover, flexable enough to allow the wheel to be transfered to the right side if needed, but stiff enough to keep it up out of the chains/cables, and pullys.

john barron
Jan 7, 2010

How hard is it to go the other way? Two yokes to one....I have a 3 year old that likes or wants to ride up front.  

Darren Butcher
Jan 6, 2010

 Guys,    and i have been talking about making a dual yoke kit, complete, at a cost similar to what a bonanza kit cost, There is no room for anyone else and keep the cost down, so I suggest anyone interested send him a note, I have seen his work, and it appears he can do it well, maybe with several kits, he will do it!  

john barron
Jan 6, 2010

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