Scaled R-755-B2 Details

I built the scaled R-755-B2 about 6 yrs ago. I used to belong to the 195 club & owned three Cessna 195's in the late 70's & early 80's. The Jacobs R-755 was built from scratch using T6 aluminum, 10-20 steel crankshaft, and the use of brass for color contrast on some components. The project took 5 mos. and 9 days to complete, has 403 total pcs. in the assembly with 38 internal moving pcs. It is assembled with 0-80, 2-56 stainless steel hardware, the spark plugs screw into the cylinders with a 4-40 thread. I originally built the engine as a display so it doesn't run but it inspired me to build to build a gallery of radial engines. They are the 3 cyl Szekely, a 5 cyl Kinner, the 7 cyl Jacobs, 9cyl R-1820, a 14 cyl double row R-2600, a 18 cyl double row R-3350, & a 28cyl R-4360.

Jerry Vaught

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